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>> Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park, Meizhou
>> Control Planning of Nanning South China Town (ASEAN International Industrial Materials Logistics City)
<< Conceptual Planning of Longpin Science and Technology Park
>> Planning of the First-Phase Developed Land in Eastern and Western Area of Heyuan New District
>> Master Plan of Ulanhot City, Inner Mongolia
>> Master Plan of Dazhou City, Sichuan
>> Master Plan of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province
>> Detailed Planning for Both Sides of Honghe Road
>> System Planning of Scenic Spots, Zhangzhou
>> Main Plan of Yao Emperor Mausoleum, China
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Project name: Conceptual Planning of Longpin Science and Technology Park
The plan aims to explore the land potential, create multi-functional supporting system, stimulate the internal effect of the lands in the base, give full play to the original characteristics of the existing land and create high-quality landscape environment adhering to the people-oriented and technology-guided thought.  
1. Embody the essential characteristics of the high-tech zone, create an environmental space merged with a variety of communications and collided thoughts, and deepen the park’s cultural connotations. 2. Create the lively and orderly building groups and macro-spatial pattern with coordinated style and distinctive features on the basis of the beautiful natural environment. 3. Establish an integration of “production ─ study─ research” for creating a high-tech space system with strong atmosphere. 4. Rationally organize the road transport systems and coordinate the landscape leisure with pedestrian traffic.