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>> Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park, Meizhou
>> Control Planning of Nanning South China Town (ASEAN International Industrial Materials Logistics City)
>> Conceptual Planning of Longpin Science and Technology Park
>> Planning of the First-Phase Developed Land in Eastern and Western Area of Heyuan New District
<< Master Plan of Ulanhot City, Inner Mongolia
>> Master Plan of Dazhou City, Sichuan
>> Master Plan of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province
>> Detailed Planning for Both Sides of Honghe Road
>> System Planning of Scenic Spots, Zhangzhou
>> Main Plan of Yao Emperor Mausoleum, China
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Project name: Master Plan of Ulanhot City, Inner Mongolia
Further strengthen the urban function for production of agricultural and livestock, process and sales of agricultural and sideline products by enlarging the city scale and improving the transportation and communication network, highlight the urban features with “green mountain as the body, clear water as the foil, green as foundation and culture as the soul” on the basis of “Mengyuan” culture to create a natural, graceful, elegant and harmonious urban image.