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Our institute obtained the excellent award and successfully won the bid for “Planning and Design for the New Campus of Yunnan Honghe State Health School” with the skillful conception and elaborate design.2009-1-30 ( Hits:5217 )

 The new campus of Yunnan Honghe State Health School locates at Mengzi County, Honghe State, Yunnan Province. The campus has a planning area of 69.74 hectares (about 1042.09 mu) and is divided into the campus area and teacher’s living area, of which the planned construction area for campus is 48 hectares ( about 720 mu) and the total planned construction area is 136494 square meters. The school plans to have 6000 student in the near future and 10000 students for long-term. The area has a good environment with mountains and water, which is suitable for formulating an academic and eco-oriented campus.

 Taking full account of available resources, the design well draws the diversified landscape into different forms, styles and tastes on the keynote of green hill and clear water by combining the characteristics of the school and demands for future development, with the concept of “Campus with Mountains and Waters” and the method of Chinese classical garden. It integrates poetical view to the campus and blends landscape with picturesque feeling to gain the harmony between human and nature, architecture and nature, so as to create a beautiful environment for research, study and living and formulate an undergraduate institute with unique style.