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Our institute successfully signed the contract for project of “Meizhou International Hotel” to undertake the architectural design.2009-2-12 ( Hits:5065 )

 The project is located in the south of Meizhou Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park with a total construction area of 44447 ㎡ and floor area of 60000 square meters. The base is located in the intersection of the city and natural mountain with residential area newly built to the north, clubs, conference rooms, villas and hotels to the east, lush mountains to the west and south.

 The design of this project makes full use of mountain resources and ecological environment, combines with the local geographical advantages, integrates the ecology, tourism and leisure so as to highlight its ecological, recreational and holiday functions. The hotel is designed in dragon shape with great charisma for displaying its prominent role among the real estate projects. By combining with the changes in terrain, main tourism and leisure, exchange between the human and nature, use and design of mountain landscape, platform with levels as well as the overhang and rotation of guest rooms in the hotel, the hotel foils its sobriety and becomes a local landmark construction with distinctive characteristics.

 The successful bid for this project expanded social force and will create good opportunities for the development of our institute.