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Our institute successfully won the bid for “Scholarly Family Primary School” in the bidding competition.2009-1-19 ( Hits:5574 )

 On January 19, 2009, the scheme of “Scholarly Family Primary School” (Architectural Design) which was designed by the Architecture Office I of our institute successfully won the bid in the project bidding. The project is located in the southern extension area, Longhua, Shenzhen, with floor area of 24,735 square meters and total construction area of 16,064 square meters. Based on the concept of “people-oriented, harmonious development”, designers from our institute reflected the architectural quality of the Scholarly Family Primary School mainly from three aspects: a) times of the architecture: it is simple, beautiful, generous and practical; b) regionality of the architecture: it embodies the modern seaside features of Shenzhen; c) culture of the architecture: it contains the traditional Chinese culture and Shenzhen humanity history. In a word, the harmony of internal and external of the architecture is achieved through the rational planning and changes of internal and external space.