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Good News for CUCD Shenzhen Branch to win the bids2009-9-9 ( Hits:5183 )

 With all staffs’ hard work, tireless efforts and constant innovation and improvement, the institute totally won 10 projects in the bidding activities in the first half year of 2009 involving buildings, roads, environmental sanitation, landscape and other specialties which provided the crowing touch on the achievement of the institute.

 Projects which were successfully bided include:
 1. Phase-II Sport Center in Shenzhen Industrial Zone;
 2. Design of Xincheng Kindergarten Teaching Building;
 3. Design of Jixia Sports Activity Center and Jixia Community Service Center;
 4. Design of Construction Drawings of Pedestrian Bridge in Binhe Road and Shahe West Road;
 5. Construction Survey and Design of Science Square in Guangzhou Development Zone;
 6. Engineering Consultation and Design of Chuangjian Road (between Jiacheng Road and Youyi Road, Xieping Road and Qingshui Road);
 7. Bao’an District Quality Education School (formerly called Bao’an District Vocational Technical Training Center) (Architecture Design);
 8. Planning and Design of Henggang B-section of Shenhui Road Landscape Restoration Project;
 9. Special Plan for Dongguan Environmental Sanitation;
 10. Engineering Design of E-area (H-area, No.1 Shengshan Lake) of Meizhou Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park.

 Each successful bid is a historic foundation for the employees and the company which means both individuals and teams will have breakthroughs. It also proves that our creativity is constantly upgrading and being recognized adding power, hope, confidence and courage for our progress.