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Our institute successfully won the bid for [2009-3-18]
The Sport Center of Shenzhen Industrial Zone, as a prepared stadium for Universiade for 2011, is located at the northwest corner of the Administrative Central A……【More】
Our institute obtained the excellent award and successfully won the bid fo... [2009-1-30]
The new campus of Yunnan Honghe State Health School locates at Mengzi County, Honghe State, Yunnan Province. The campus has a planning area of 69.74 hectares (a……【More】
Our institute successfully signed the contract for project of “Meizhou Int... [2009-2-12]
The project is located in the south of Meizhou Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park with a total construction area of 44447 ㎡ and floor area of 60000 square meters……【More】
Our institute successfully won the bid for “Scholarly Family Primary Schoo... [2009-1-19]
On January 19, 2009, the scheme of “Scholarly Family Primary School” (Architectural Design) which was designed by the Architecture Office I of our institute suc……【More】
Good News for CUCD Shenzhen Branch to win the bids [2009-9-9]
With all staffs’ hard work, tireless efforts and constant innovation and improvement, the institute totally won 10 projects in the bidding activities in the fir……【More】
The First Session of Table Tennis Public Competition of China Urban Constr... [2009-6-13]
To enrich staffs’ life, strengthen communication among staffs, enhance staffs’ physique, cultivate staffs’ cooperation spirit and promote the national sport spi……【More】
Warmly celebrate that the president of our institute Feng Jinlong and othe... [2009-6-15]
In June 2009, through strict examination and data review, 12 members in CUCD Shenzhen Branch, including Feng Jinlong (President), Zhao Junxuan (Vice President),……【More】
News [2009-9-9]
On November 26, 2008, Office located in Bao’an and Office located in Overseas Chinese Town of CUCD began to work together. At 15:00 on that day, the First Sessi……【More】
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